Gallery: Engagement

The trip which would seem to change our lives for ever, 
after that one night.

It was a combined trip to Iceland and Norway, with the purpose 
of finding some norhern light dancing amongst the stars. 
This seemed as an easy task at first, 
but quickly became obvious to us, just how difficult it was. 
Six days passed while touristing the wonderful sights of Iceland, 
but no luck finding the green skies. 
Even trying our hardest to isolate our selfes to darkness by a church 
in way too deep snow, we found us stuck, and even with the 4x4, 
all wheels just kept spinning. 
Thanks to some debri neerby we finally got out. 
After that shock we both needed some recovering, 
before we tried to head out to search the skies again, 
this time we stuck to paved roads!
It was not untill we got to Norway, on the ship "Hurtigruten" 
going from the northern part of Norway, Kirkenes, to the South in Bergen, 
that the captain called everyone on deck outside for all to see the aurora borealis.

It was here with everyone on board, Russian, Norwegian and all the retirees with time to travel 
I finally got to ask my Camilla, under the green northern lights, to be mine.